In the historic vaults of the “Ritterkeller” restaurant, the atmosphere is once again medieval. Let yourself be transported to another time! Toast with a sensory-robbing toast and then enjoy a delicious 4- or 5-course feast.

A life without festivals is like a long hike without a break.



First gear

Poor knight

Bread baked in lard with herb salt and garlic pickle


Second course

Soup of potatoes and boiled ham

Cream of potato soup with bacon crisps


Third gear

Finest meat of the sow on creamy cabbage and dumpling from old bread

Smoked pork on creamed sauerkraut with napkin dumplings


Fourth gear

Burnt sweets with iced citrus peat

Crème brûlée with quark and lime ice cream


4-course feast

€ 45,00 per person



First gear

Smoked salmon mince with green sauce and hen’s egg

Salmon tartare with herb sauce and egg


Second course

Cheese and onion soup

Cheese and leek soup


Third gear

Ice cold surprise


Fourth gear

Chivalrously skewered flaasch with braised vegetables and potatoes from the oven

Knight’s skewer with oven vegetables and potatoes


Fifth gear

Semi-frozen pile of chocolate on crumbs

Chocolate parfait with crumble


5-course feast

€ 55,00 per person



First gear

Pig’s bacon with roasted vegetables and bread

Burg ham with grilled vegetables and slices of bread


Second course

Supp from the perennial plant with fiery stuff

Celery soup with chili oil


Third gear

Braised and wrapped chicken bird fillet on cooked barley

Chicken fillet wrapped in bacon with pearl barley


Fourth gear

Pancake filled with vegetables and mashed tuber

Beef roulade stuffed with vegetables and mashed potatoes


Fifth gear

Semi-frozen sweet treat with exotic fruit candy on crumbs

Tonka bean parfait with passion fruit caramel and crumble


5 course meal

€ 57,00 per person


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