Tourism, culture and history have always mutually inspired each other in Marburg. This was already the case in the 13th century. The Teutonic Order built the first Gothic hall church on German soil in honor of Saint Elisabeth, who died here in 1231. St. Elisabeth’s Church became a destination for pilgrims from all over the country, a first form of tourism, so to speak.

Landgrave Philip the Magnanimous laid the foundation for the cosmopolitan university city with students and visitors from all over the world by founding the university in 1527. Emil von Behring, the first winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine and founder of the pharmaceutical company named after him, gave further impetus to conference and congress traffic with his combination of science and business.

History, culture, science and the urban ambience with its exemplarily renovated half-timbered old town, Lahn and Landgrave’s Castle are an expression of Marburg’s tourist appeal.


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