Giessen is the city with the highest student density in Germany. With a total population of around 76,000, more than 30,000 young people study at the local university and technical college. In addition, the city is the region’s school center with 30 different schools. It’s no wonder that Giessen is perceived by its visitors as a young, green and friendly city that remains manageable despite all the hustle and bustle.

Despite its young flair, Giessen is definitely old. The first documented mention of the town dates back to 1197. However, this is not apparent at first glance, because Giessen lost its once very beautiful old town due to heavy bombardments at the end of World War II. But at the latest at second glance, the special charm of this central Hessian center is revealed to the visitor, which lies not least in the diverse encounters between old and young.

Special attractions include unique science museums, ideal shopping opportunities in the city center and the diverse cultural life. The Mathematikum alone is in international demand as the world’s only mathematical hands-on museum. The Liebig Museum is located in the immediate vicinity and is definitely worth a detour as a historical site of science. The extensive pedestrian zone with Seltersweg as its main artery is a lively meeting point and shopping area. The nationally recognized municipal theater is representative of a lively cultural life, which is also a good reason to visit Giessen.

After all, the Lahn is bringing more and more travelers to Giessen. It flows through the middle of Giessen and invites canoe enthusiasts as well as cyclists and hikers on tours lasting several days. Giessen is naturally connected to the Lahn Valley and the equally attractive surrounding area. If you are looking for active recreation in nature, you will find many opportunities to start your tour in Giessen, stay in Giessen or return to Giessen.


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